Below are just a few of things our guests are saying about us!

“We have enjoyed everything about the Casita- the rooms and Kitchen. We also enjoy the Events- Christmas party to Bingo night was fun- This place helps with being home sick.”

“Beds are very comfortable, very nice accommodations. Everyone was wonderful and inviting.”

“We are impressed and inspired by the volunteers. The staff was professional and kind and always attentive to our needs.”

“I am grateful that places like this exits. It takes away a lot of stress so that we can focus on our recovery.

“All the events were wonderful! Thank you to the volunteers that took time out of their busy schedules during the holidays to bring joy to everyone.”

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for this place and the people. My recovery went smoothly and this place provided the peace and quiet that made it all happen”

“Everyone is very sweet and helpful.”

“I loved Bingo Nights.”

“All the events were very nice. Keep up the wonderful work you do and I wish more people knew what a great place this is.

“The volunteers were exceptional.”

“Stacie, Pat and Hilda were always so kind and helpful.”

“I never thought I would have as much fun playing bingo as I did when I was here. Thank you to Linda”

“What a great group of staff. Always willing to help and genuinely cared about me and my progress.”

“I love the new park. So peaceful just like the Village.”

“I was skeptical about living with other people but now I am leaving with friends for a lifetime.”

“The staff treated me like family and I really needed that.”

“I can’t believe all of the wonderful people who come to volunteer their time for us. Meals and the beautiful music. I am grateful to everyone.”