Inspirational Stories

We have served more than 5,000 patients and caregivers. Here are a few of their inspirational stories.

Rudy Ortega: Like A Second Family

I was almost out of options after years on dialysis. When a kidney became available I almost didn’t make it in time. There were no flights from Las Cruces, New Mexico, and it took a state police escort to get me there. I’m so grateful my wife and I could stay at Help In Healing Home. Everyone just made us feel so welcome there. Now, whenever I have to come back for follow-up appointments, I always call for a place there. It feels like home to us. It’s like having a second family.

Rudy & Hilda 1


Nancy Zillman: Truly, A Second Home

I was diagnosed with myelofibrosis in 2008, a blood cancer that affects the bone marrow. I underwent a stem cell transplant at Mayo Clinic Hospital with my brother, Hank, as my donor. My husband Bill and I ended up spending about four months at Help In Healing Home, so yes; it truly was our second home. The transplant was an extraordinary success and I have since resumed normal life, including tennis, golf, volunteering, and time with my family. We can’t thank Help In Healing Home enough for making us so welcome during this remarkable journey.

Bill & Nancy Zillman-rt


Merrie Olson: We Love This Place

I needed a stem cell transplant related to a diagnosis of multiple myeloma and complications from amyloidosis. Living in Pleasant Hill, Oregon we were so happy to learn about Help In Healing Home. It’s so comfortable and in such a beautiful setting. When you have to spend that much time recovering, how could you afford to pay a hotel for that long? My husband, Larry, enjoyed meeting and talking with all the other patients and caregivers. We love this place. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Laura: Social Support Is So Important

My husband, Ivan, suffered from kidney disease and underwent regular dialysis at home for four years. It was taking over our lives. We live in Las Vegas, Nevada so when a matching kidney became available for transplant at Mayo Clinic, we stayed at Help In Healing Home. It was so convenient
for getting to appointments at the hospital. The setting is wonderful with beautiful desert views, but the biggest benefit was the social support from other patients and caregivers. You can’t just walk out of your room at a motel and find someone to talk with who actually was interested in discussing red blood cell counts. Finally, we were no longer alone in our journey.

Laura and Ivan Ivanov 2-rt


Brian Marshall: A Common Bond

I flew all the way from Australia to Phoenix to have surgery. But it wasn’t for myself; it was for my father who needed a life-saving kidney transplant. The calm and comfort of the facilities of Help In Healing Home were just what the doctor ordered. The staff provided the right amount of service for me to feel pampered and independent at the same time. The other guests had their own stories and experiences, and we shared something life- changing together—a common bond I will always appreciate.

Brian Marshall Alt Image-RT


Frank and Mary Ann Hunt: Absolutely Beautiful

We were planning to stay at a hotel for my husband Frank’s kidney transplant. We never would have gone to look at Help In Healing Home if it hadn’t been for our friend Mary Neal, who spoke so highly of it. I was expecting a dump, but what I found was absolutely beautiful. The furnishings were plush and everything looked new, clean, and comfortable. I was even more impressed by the facility and staff. They could not have been friendlier. We made friends quickly with the other patients and caregivers and soon we began to feel like part of a big family.

Frank and Mary Ann Hunt 2-rt


Gil Neal: My Apprehensions Melted Away

I didn’t want to go there at first. Communal living? Sick people in robes and slippers? Sharing with strangers? “No, not for me,” I thought. I valued my privacy too much. But when I got there, all my apprehensions quickly melted away. We were all in the same boat. We were all extremely careful about avoiding germs and following doctors’ orders. Everyone knew exactly what the others were going through. Everyone was so caring and supportive! When I recovered and returned home to Prescott, Arizona, I realized that what I had feared would be the worst of times turned out to be the best of times.

Gil & Mary Neal 2


Russ Brown: The Healing Fountain

The Fountain
Here is the fountain, where I come to sit and think
And watch the birds and puppy dogs who come to rest and drink
The quail run up, stop and drink their fill
Sometimes they cock their heads to watch me sitting still

And if I move a finger, they run away in fear.
Then they stop and look back to see if I’m still sitting here
This fountain is a thoughtful place where minds can be at ease
To rest, and do what they please

I like it when I am the only one, calmly sitting here
When the animals come and go without any fear
For it is a “comfort” place to come and clear your mind
Leaving the bad thoughts of the world, far-far behind
So when you read the words above please be thoughtful and kind
For I am just an old man who has spoken here – his mind

Yes I know this is poor grammar, diction, spelling and rhyme.
But truly, “just words that For a fleeting moment were mine”

2015-08-12 11.40.23  Fountain