Supplies and Guest Event Donations

House and Operational Supplies:

Did you know that we go through an average of 208 paper towels a month? From clorox clean-up to linens, toilet paper to pledge we are always in need of supplies. If you ever want to see someone get excited over a donated paper towel roll, bring a pack in or donate the cost of a supply category below!

Supply Donation Levels:

General Supplies: $25

Misc. Needed Operating Supplies: $40

Office Supplies: $50

One Week’s Worth of Paper Towels: $100

Cleaning Supplies: $150

Guest Event Supplies

Our guest events strive provide a distraction from the all of the medical appointments and struggles our guests go through on a daily basis. From exciting game nights, to delicious group dinners and informative health and wellness programs our wonderful and dedicated group of volunteers work tirelessly and often at an expense out of their own pocket. Any assistance that can be given towards helping us continue to provide these fun events can be donated below.

Supply Donation Levels:

Beverages for Guest Events: $25

Snacks for Music and Munchies: $30

Misc. Event or Craft Supplies/Game Night Prizes: $40

Paper Plates, Utensils, Napkins, Cups etc: $50

Pizza for Pizza Bingo: $100