Supplies and Guest Function Donations

House and Operational Supplies:

Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues and more. These critical supplies add up quickly for our mid-sized non-profit. Did you know we use more than 3,000 rolls of toilet paper and 2,500 33-gallon trash bags annually? All levels of donation are appreciated. Here are a few suggestions to consider: 

General & Office Supplies: $50

Casita Paper & Plastic Supplies $100

Casita Laundry & Cleaning Supplies: $200

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Guest Functions

Located in the Brusally Community Center, guest events bring a welcome distraction from daily medical appointments and financial struggles which so many patients and caregivers experience. Our volunteers work tirelessly, bringing fun “nights out” for our guests, including: game nights, dinners, informative health and wellness programs and music to fill the soul.  Will you please help with some of these important monthly expenses: 

Soft Drinks and Paper Plates: $60

Craft Supplies and Prizes: $80

Snacks and Food: $120

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